VPS Cloud 1

  • 1024MB RAM
  • 2 Processor Cores
  • 1 IP address

or $1,649.89 /yr

VPS Cloud 2

  • 2048MB RAM
  • 2 Processor Cores
  • 1 IP address

or $2,639.89 /yr

VPS Cloud 4

  • 4096MB RAM
  • 4 Processor Cores
  • 2 IP addresses

or $2,969.89 /yr

VPS Cloud 8

  • 8192MB RAM
  • 4 Processor Cores
  • 2 IP addresses

or $3,629.89 /yr

Why VPS Hosting?

As your small business grows, so do your web and email hosting needs. Whether you're managing online campaigns with unpredictable traffic spikes, or you need a high performance website, vast email storage and SaaS platform hosting requirements, Name Registry's VPS Cloud Hosting can help.

Our VPS infrastructure is ideal for hosting mobile or tablet applications or high volume e-commerce websites. This is because e-commerce websites — especially those with a high turnover — require fast, reliable websites where uptime is paramount. You can also host several websites on a single Virtual Private Server if you need — there are no restrictions on what you can do with your server.

The freedom to do what you want means that your VPS has potential beyond just hosting your website. It can be used as private Cloud storage, an off-site backup facility, or an application server to allow centralised delivery of applications to end users, minimising desktop administration. It's also possible to run it as a mail server or testing environment for development.

VPS Cloud Hosting puts you in complete control of your own virtual server within the Name Registry Cloud, while still benefiting from the same security and daily backups that we provide our shared hosting environments.

Our VPS infrastructure has a proven 99.9% uptime, can be rebooted remotely by you, is monitored 24x7 by a team of engineers, and can be configured to send you status updates by email and SMS, so you're never left in the dark. We also maintain a regular schedule of security and anti-virus updates to give you the best protection against hackers and malware.

If your website is growing fast and needs a fast, reliable server to ensure it runs smoothly, why not consider Name Registry's VPS solutions.